I've spent the past 18 months immersing myself in everything GenAI offers.

My hands-on experiments with ChatGPT, leading LLMs (Gemini, Claude, Perplexity), and GenAI image generators (MidJourney/Dall-e), alongside automation tools (Make/Zapier), have not only transformed my business but also empowered my clients to leverage these technologies.

This journey propelled me into eCommerce, where I successfully built and launched my first store, fully driven by AI and automation.

GenAI is a game-changer—it’s a superpower. If you’re not integrating it into your business or using it in your daily life, you're missing out on significant opportunities.


  • Navigating Generative AI: Understanding its impact on business operations and staying ahead with the latest AI trends.

  • AI-Powered Product Innovation: Simplifying product development for consultants, coaches, and speakers with AI applications.

  • Content Creation & Strategy: Crafting AI-driven content for courses, social media, email campaigns, and podcasts that captivate and convert.

  • Digital Marketing Augmentation: Streamlining website and landing page development and social media content generation with AI to broaden your reach.

  • Market Expansion: Breaking language barriers and scaling into new territories using AI translation strategies.

  • Lead Generation & Sales: Enhancing your sales funnel with AI-generated content that resonates and converts.

  • Data Analysis Efficiency: Leveraging AI for basic data analytics to free you up from living in spreadsheets.

  • Productization: Turning ideas into revenue with AI-facilitated books and on-demand digital products.

    If you're curious to explore the transformative power of AI and automation to superpower your business, book a call and let's explore together how you can leverage GenAI to create, grow your business, cut cost or in your day-to-day life. 👇

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