During this Bootcamp, I'll guide you step-by-step on how to build your Salesforce Center of Excellence.

I'll share with you what are the most valuable frameworks and best practices recommended by Salesforce and I'll teach you the stress-tested strategies and methods that I've developed and used to build "best-in-class" COEs for Deloitte, Freddie Mac, and Teleperformance.

I've probably tried most of the strategies and tools in the arsenal with my prior teams. Therefore, this Bootcamp is all about straight strategic guidance on what works best that you should absolutely prioritize and what to avoid based on where you are in your journey.

I’ll share real-life examples, insights, and lessons learned to help you avoid potentially costly missteps. My approach will give you the biggest lift in the shortest time. 😃


  • Walk away with an action plan to focus on key areas that will truly make a difference to gain 10X the value from Salesforce.

  • Equip your team to apply the proven strategies, methods, standards, best practices and tools learned to build your best-in-class COE in weeks.

Let's get specific about everything that we'll cover during the Bootcamp. 👇



1. COE = Greater value and ROI

🡺 What is the role of a Salesforce COE?
🡺 How does a COE drive higher value from Salesforce?
🡺 What makes a COE "best-in-class"?
🡺 Ensure success and avoid common pitfalls

2. Align everyone behind a shared vision and roadmap

🡺 How to align Leaders behind a shared vision even when they seem to be on a different page?
🡺 How to map business goals, objectives, and metrics to Salesforce capabilities?
🡺 How to create a strategic roadmap and prioritize investments based on value?

3. Effortless governance to build the right things first, the right way

🡺 How to structure your COE governance framework?🡺 How to set up an operating model where Business and IT work together as "one team"?
🡺 How to prioritize and manage the backlog? 🡺 SDLC gold standards you should adopt

4. How to build a mighty team and accelerate value with partners

🡺 What roles do you need and who does what?
🡺 How to find Salesforce experienced talent in this hot market?
🡺 How to optimize capacity and tap into niche skills with the help of vetted partners?
🡺 Develop Salesforce "black-belts and empower your team to be more successful

5. Data users can trust, gain insights from and act on

🡺What are the building blocks of a "360°" view, single source of truth data strategy?
🡺 What are key architecture, security, backup, data management, and other considerations?
🡺 How to govern and manage the data?
🡺 Enable Leaders and users to gain insights from data to make better decisions

6. Architecture that is reliable, reusable, scalable, and secure

🡺 What are key Org performance, scalability, security, config & maintenance considerations?
🡺 What are key Org and integration strategy considerations?
🡺How to manage and reduce technical debt?
🡺Develop your technical roadmap

7. Agile delivery "gold" standards to create faster value with quality

🡺How to deliver changes in an agile way?
🡺How to plan, develop, test, deploy and release changes to PROD without breaking things up?
🡺 How to adopt DevSecOps methods and tools to automate and deliver faster and safer?
🡺 How to run, operate your platform?
🡺 How to prototype and continuously innovate?

8. Adoption = change management + user value + support

🡺 How to get users to adopt Salesforce?
🡺 What change management strategies do the largest Salesforce customers use?
🡺 How to make users feel supported and get their issues resolved quickly?
🡺 Measure adoption and gather feedback to keep improving

9. How to measure value and get a better deal from Salesforce

🡺 How to measure the value from Salesforce?
🡺 How to manage your licenses, track cost and identify opportunities for value creation?
🡺What sales strategies and tactics do Salesforce use that you need to be aware of?
🡺 Insights to help you level the field and improve your renewal negotiation position

The roles that will benefit the most from this program are those with a vested interest in the successful outcome of your transformation powered by Salesforce including:

👉 Salesforce COE Leader
👉 Product Owner
👉 Technical Lead
👉 Release Manager
👉 Change Management Leader